Ceremonial Laying of Wreath in memorial of the victims of 22nd of August, 1962


This year the Ceremonial Laying of Wreath took place one day earlier - on Friday, 21st of August - because the priest was not able to come on Saturday, 22nd of August.

An abstract of the speech of the president of Longos Cultural society , Mrs Maria Tsamtsouri – Kapetzoni:

"The administrative council of Logos Cultural Society Lord Byron try for second time to make known to everyone this historical day. It was 22nd of August 1962.All the people in this village were hearing the mournful ringing of the church bell. Everyone was very upset and depressed due to the bad news. I was just 6 years old but I can never forget the pain and the cries for the death of our fellowmen. Five people lost those day their life in a work accident. These people were taking part in the construction of the main road of our village."

Eternal the memory of:

Panagiotis Bouloubasi, 54 years old
Christos Tsaousi, 52 years old
Nikolaos Birbily, 40 years old from Psathopurgos
Nikolaos Markoura, 23 years old
Christos Mouka, 16 years old.

After the speech the wreath was laid down by Anna Rodopoulou, daughter of George, and all the people held a minute silence.




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