Dance Department F.O.L. and Children's Theatre Longos


Dance Department F.O.L.

The managing council of the


invited the members and friends of our society
to an evening enjoying a performance of the
Dance Departments of our Cultural Society
as well as a theatre performance by the
older children of the Children's Theatre Longos.

This event took place at the
Longos´Cultural Centre at 9.30 p.m.
on Saturday, August 14, 2010.

The evening started with the performance of dances,
guided by teacher Mr. Masaouti.
The children enchanted us with the most beautiful
dances of our country.

Have a look at some photos:

The children ...

... of the Dance Department ...

...and the young persons at dance.

A flower for each of the dancers ...


Children's Theatre Longos

With the performance "YOU AND ME" the Children's Theatre Longos tries to convey moments of real amusement and relaxation to the audience.
The older children of the Children's Theatre Longos have the courage to express themselves by being creatively active.


by Melina Riga and Andreas Smoϊli-Konsta

The protagonists of this play are from two different worlds. Karlos comes from a rich family, his parents are divorced. Lambros is a child of a popular family, a child with endurance, courage, kindliness and personality. They are separated by a lot of things, but they are tied together by their love to music.
The strength of the play is concealed by the strongest sense of mankind: friendship.

The managing council of the CULTURAL SOCIETY LONGOS thanks the members of the Children's Theatre Longos who have shown with their enthusiasm and their hard work that theatre and art affect the youth.

The authors

Melina Riga and Andreas Smoϊli-Konsta, two young persons, two persons with extraordinary sensitivity for artistic skills are the authors of this play.
Both of them are pupils of the Music-Lyceum Pallini.

The actors

Mrs. Giannou:                                  Anna Rodopulou
(Radio-editor and storyteller)
Sissi Papa:                                       Natasa Rodopulou
Lambis Chatzigeorgiou:                Petros Viktoratos
Karlos Papapetrou:                        Panagiotis Rodopulos
Vasilis:                                              Andreas Viktoratos
(friend of Lambis)
Nikos:                                                Ilias Tsounis
(friend of Lambis)
GIRLFRIENDS:                                  Dorina Palaiologopoulou, Anna Ntourou
(of Lambis)

MUSIC SELECTED BY:                      Natasa Rodopoulou
SCENERY:                                          Werner Charilaos Sollbach, Maria Dourou-Sollbach
COSTUMES:                                       All the group
DIRECTION:                                       Maria Dourou-Sollbach

The editor of "RADIO MUSIC fm 102.4" ...                  ... and Karlos Papapetrou.

Lambis Chatzigeorgiou with his friends.

Music means effort, means pleasure, ...

... means entertainment.

The chairwoman of the CULTURAL SOCIETY LONGOS, Mrs. Maria Tsamtsouri-Kapetzoni, hands over a bouquet of flowers to each of the actors.


                   Here a video with the dances (00:32:15):

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           See also short video excerpts of the theatre performanc (00:04:53):

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