Sunday, January 31, 2010 - CUT OF THE NEW YEAR CAKE - Tributes



The cut of the New Year Cake took place on Sunday, 31 January 2010 at 18:00 at our cultural centre.

The mayor of Sympolitias’ municipality, Mr Dimitris Kalogeropoulos, attendeded this event. The deputy mayor, Mr Dimitris Kalamidas, as well as the president of the local council, Mr Spiros Iliopoulos and many people participated too.

The priest of our parish, Dionisios Livanas, blessed the New Year cake.

The pie’s florin was found by Mr Leonidas Sfikas and he won an icon made by silver - an offer from the jeweller Mr Pavlos Klonis.




At this event, the administrative council of our society presented for the third time the life and the legacy of people who lived and passed by our village and helped the development, the peace and the progress of this place to a big or to a smaller extent.

Mr Theodoros Kapouralos was born in Egio in 1896.
When he was 28 years old he got married with Mrs Konstantina Daskalopoulou.
2 years later he took part in the competition of AEO (Autonomous Raisin’s Organisation ) and daparted with his wife and his adopted daughter for the city of Krestena in Ilia.
There he opened a branch office of AEO.

He worked in all capitals of Peloponese and in 1944 he returned to Egio where he worked until 1954 as general supervisor of raisin´s export. He was pensioned off at the age of 57.

Adoring Longos he returned with his wife there.

At 23 March 1957 he was elected President of the administrative council of Longos Cultural Society and kept this position for 3 years.

He organised together with the members of our society a lottery in the Coffee shop of Mr Toumasatou (now: Beau Rivage).
With the lottery’s money they renovated the theatre and bought chairs.

Mr Theodoros Kapouralos was a very active president who helped in the progress of our village.

Forty three years after his death, the administrative council of our society recognises his offer and decided to do this tribute.

The chairwoman of Longos Cultural Society, Mrs Maria Tsamtsouri-Kapetzoni handed a plaque as a memory to his daughter, Mrs Evdokia Kapouralou.

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