Saturday, February 5, 2011 - CUT OF THE NEW YEAR CAKE - TRIBUTES

 Cut of the New Year

 The cut of the New Year Cake
 took place on Saturday, February 5,
 2011 at 06:00 p.m. at our cultural
 The president of our local council,
 Mr Panagiotis Koukopoulos,
 the chairwoman of our cultural
 society, Mrs Maria Tsamtsouri-
 Kapetzoni, the members of the
 administative council as well as
 many people attendeded this


 The priest of our parish,
 Dionisios Livanas, blessed
 the New Year cake.

The cake´s florin was found by

Mr Telis Mitropoulos.

The presents were a children's

watch and a necklace.

Mr Mitropoulos put the presents

in a draw for the children.

The lucky children were George Sollbach and Petros Viktoratos.



 The chairwoman of our cultural
 society 'Lord Byron'
 presented at this event
 the life and the legacy
 of one more person who
 lived in our village and helped
 the development, the peace
 and the progress of this place.


   Leonidas Diamantopoulos   1917 - 1997

Mr Leonidas Diamadopoulos was a gentle, clever, hard- working man who had a quiet life and inspired others. He was married with Adamadia Diamadopoulos and they had a son.
He was an electrician but he worked as a farmer. He was the first man who grew kiwifruits in our village, not taking into account all the negative comments when he replaced the lemon trees with kiwis.
He participated in Longo's Theatre and he was a prompt in the theatrical performances of our society in plays like 'The red Shirt' and many others.
Leonidas Diamantopoulos was active and he had innovative ideas. He was also the president of our cultural society 'Lord Byron' for many years.

Mr Leonidas Diamadopoulos with his sisters: Mrs Akrivi Diamadopoulou and Mrs Panagiota Diamadopoulou-Bogdanou. At the right photo he is with Mrs Eleutheria Foteinou-Diamadopoulou, the wife of his cousin, Mr Nikolaos Diamadopoulos.

Mr Leonidas Diamadopoulos in the theatrical scene of our cultural society in the 1950's

His grand-child, Leonidas Diamadopoulos, took the memorial plaque as well as the prize. The son of Leonidas Diamadopoulos, Mr Vasilis Diamadopoulos, with his wife Mrs Anna Alexandropoulou-Diamadopoulou and many members and friends of our societty were present at this event too.

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