The events of the CULTURAL SUMMER 2011 were continued with the theatre performance

 "The coloured little angels" by the Children's Theatre Longos.



  The creative game is continued
  at Longo’s Theatrical scene.
  These efforts aim to make the
  children to be interest in theatre.
  Children's Theatre Longos presented

  «The coloured little
     - by Maria Kitra

  in the context of the Cultural Summer 2011
  on Sunday 24th of July 2011
  in the theatre of Longos cultural society.
  A great THANKS to the friends of the
  Children's Theatre Longos - our little actors -
  who - with their fantasy, their enthusiasm
  for playing theatre and their common efforts
   - made this performence possible.

     Maria Dourou-Sollbach

     Anna Rodopoulou-Viktoratou

     Werner Charilaos Sollbach
     Maria Dourou-Sollbach

COSTUMES sewed by Anna Foteinou-Ntourou     MASK and SELECTION OF MUSIK: Natasa Rodopoulou

The author

Maria Kita was born in Athens, is married and mother of two children. She wrote articles and amusing pieces in well-known magazines. As busy and daring character she was busy with a large number of occupations (as a volunteer in the greek army, in private education, in a notary´s office). With particular enthusiasm she worked as a teacher in creative workshops. She teaches pupils of primary scholls in theatre play and education. Maria Kitra wrote novels like "Be careful what you promise", original fairytails, poems and theatre plays.

"The coloured little angels"

is a play for young and old alike, which tries to make us aware of the most urgent problem of our times:
the destruction of the environment.
The earth does not feel well, and how should she feel well, with such an awful destruction of the environment! All moan: the sky, husband of the earth, the moon, her mother-in-law, the stars, the satellite and her children, which always quarrel. Will the earth consult a doctor? Will she get well again? Will she get help by her children? May be, that the advice of all of us - everyone in his own way - will lead us to a better future ...

The actors

Star 1:                       Anna Rodopoulou
Star 2:                       Dorina Palaiologopoulou
Earth:                        Anna Ntourou
Doctor:                      Andreas Viktoratos
Receptionist:            Stelle Ntourou
Satellite:                    Eleni Mentzelopoulou
Sky:                            Ilias Tsounis
Moon:                         Ioanna Mitropoulou
Greek children:         Girgos Viktoratos, Elena Mouka, Antigoni Mouka, Christina Mitropoulou,
                                    Thanasis Boulis, Girgos Kontis
Chinese children:     Konstantina Agrapidaki, Ioanna Maragkou, Despina Karnaba, Eleni Konti
American children:  Giorgos Ntouros, Stathis Gerasidis, Fiorgos Tsounis, Dimitra Tsouni
Poor children:           Viky Mitropoulou, Georgios Sollbach
Love:                           Elena Mouka
Belief:                         Ioanna Maragkou
Wisdom:                     Antigoni Mouka
Hope:                          Chrsitina Mitropoulou
Peace:                         Konstantina Agrapidaki
Photographer:           Georgios Sollbach


The performance in a short video (00:14:49):

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