The events of the CULTURAL SUMMER 2013 were continued with the theatre performance

 «The fuss of the night»    by the CHILDREN's THEATRE LONGOS

Saturday, July 20, 2013 at 9.00 p.m. at the Theatre of Cultural Society of Longos.




  The creative game is continued
  at Longo’s Theatrical stage.
  These efforts aim to make the
  children more interested in theatre.
  Children's Theatre Longos presented

  «The fuss of the night»
     - by Betty Panopoulou

  in the context of the Cultural Summer 2013
  on Saturday 20th of July 2013
  in the theatre of Longos cultural society.
  A great THANKS to the friends of the
  Children's Theatre Longos - our little
  actors - who - with their fantasy, their
  enthusiasm for playing theatre and their
  teamwork - made this performence

  Special thanks to Angelos Georgoudakis,
  Eleni Mentzelopoulou,
  Konstantina Raftopoulou and
  Miltiades Raftopoulos, who replaced
   children, which at the last moment
  decided not to participate
  at the performance.

     Maria Dourou-Sollbach

     Werner Charilaos Sollbach
     Maria Dourou-Sollbach

      COSTUMES sewed by Anna Foteinou-Ntourou

      MASK and SELECTION OF MUSIK: Natasa Rodopoulou

      SOUND: Mourdekas - Aeghio

The author

Betty Panopoulou was born in 1972 in Athens and grew up in Kalamata. She was educated as a teacher at
the European Organization of Education. Today she works at the kindergarten "Grandma´s Garden".
Betty Panopoulou writes poems, fairytails and plays for the figure theatre. She plays harmonium, mouth organ,
is dancing and participates at theatre performances.

«The fuss of the night»

It sounds like a fairytale ... like something which is impossible, but: Many, many years ago the night fell into a
deep state melancholy. Her heart was blacker then the night itself because she thought that nobody loved her.
So - very sadly - she decided to vanish and leaving back a letter with ununderstandable words she disappeared.
You might imagine what will happen the next days: Everybody worked incessantly, children went to school
all the time, animals became restless and everyone went nuts because there was no sunset and night. Parrots,
magic flowers and responsible people tried to solve the dark secret. Will they manage it?



The actors

(left click on photos to enlarge)

First pink flamingo: Fotini Chrisanthopoulou

Second pink flamingo: Olga Kapetzoni

The night: Natasa Rodopoulou

Mrs Melpo: Anna Rodopoulou

Mrs Lena: Anna Ntourou

Owl Koula: Konstantina Raftopoulou

Owl Soulis: Angelos Georgoudakis

Soulis jun.: Stathis Gerasidis

Mayor: Panagiotis Rodopoulos

Parrot Pit: Georgios Sollbach

Parrot Flora Chlori: Stella Ntourou

Seagull: Miltiades Raftopoulos

Blue flower: Despina Karnava

Pink flower&: Evelina Bouna

Dark pink flower: Sofiana Papageorgiou

Fotini Lamperou: Eleni Mentzelopoulou

Oratios Orologios: Andreas Viktoratos

Pelopidas Krevatopoulo: Georgios Kontis

Sunset: Eleni Konti


                   Here are video clips of the performance (00:22:08):

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