Sunday, February 1, 2015




The CUT OF THE NEW YEAR CAKE - and as every year - the TRIBUTES took place on Sunday, February 1, 2015, at 7.00 p.m. at the Cultural Centre of Longos.





The administrative council of Longos Cultural Society "LORD BYRON" invited the members as well as its friends, amongst other the priest of our parish, Christos Tsoulkas, the deputy mayor, Mr Dimitios Kalamidas and the president of the local council, Mr Dimitrios Mitropoulos. to the established CUT OF THE NEW YEAR CAKE.

The secrety, Mrs Olga Kepetzoni, welcomed the guests on bahalf of the administrative council and on behalf of the chairwoman, Mrs Anastasia Rodopoulou, who unfortunately could not attend due to other duties.





The former chairwoman of the CULTURAL SOCIETY LONGOS, Mrs Maria Tsamtsouri-Kapetzoni, presented once more the life and the legacy of people who lived and passed by our village and helped the development, the peace and the progress of this place to a big or to a smaller extent.

This year were honored Mr Dimitrios Kravvaritis and Mr Ioannis Kalamidas.



   Dimitrios Kravvaritis



Mrs Dimitris Kravvaritis was born at 1930 in Longos as child of the the large family of Basilis and Vangelitsa Kravvaritis. He has grown up at Longos, lived and lives there. Already as a young man he was in the public interest, helped the CULTURAL SOCIETY LONGOS playing theatre an helping to built the old building of the theatre. In 1964 he married Kassiani Vasilopoulou from Longos. Mr Kravvaritis hold 24 years the post of an deputy mayor of Longos an supported our village, the CULTURAL SOCIETY and the primary school of Longos. At the end of his term of office he helped in the foundation and construction of the kindergarten. He worked 6 years in the council of our parish. Since his unforgotten wife Kassiani died in 2010, he lives calm and well-respected among us.

Mrs Dimitrios Kravvaritis with his wife Kassiani ... and with Leonidas Diamanto-
poulos and Dimitra Mouka-Diamantopoulou in a theatrical sceene in the 1950ies.


   Ioannis Kalamidas


Ioannis Kalamidas, son of Dimitrios, was born on March 16, 1925 in Aigitio, Prefecture Dorida and died on Dezember 15, 2009 in Longos. He and his wife, Mrs Argyro Rozou, have two children, Dimitrios Kalamidas and Paraskevi (Voula) Kalamida-Mouriki and four grandchildren: Dimitra, Fianni, Argyro (Iro) and Giorgo. He was the eldest of 10 children of the old Dimitrios Kalamidas and as a custodian to his brothers and sisters. His strengths: his work, his honesty, his hospitality, his large-heartedness. He lived as an orthodox Christian respecting the Ten Commandments and created with his work property for his children. Ioannis Kalamidas took care of public welfare and especially to the primary school of our village. As donator he contributed towards the CULTURAL SOCIETY LONGOS the amount of 10.000 drachmas in 1982 to finish the Cultural Centre of Longos and transportd with his lorry - his profession was truck driver - together with his brothers Kostas and Giorgos building materials for the Cultural Centre and the church of St. Dimitros.


Mr Dimitrios Kravvaritis, Mrs Voula Klalamida-Mouriki

and Mr Dimitrios Kalamidas took a gift as a memory of this evening.



Thereafter the new year cake was cut.


The new priest of our parish, Christos Tsoulkas blessed the New Year cake and cut ist together with our guests of honour:




The pie’s florin was found by Mrs Vasiliki Sakelariou.


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