Erasmus + for Youth - Saturday, September 9, 2017



The Managing Committee of the CULTURAL SOCIETY LONGOS supports the initiative of the young people of our country with the implementation of the project titled "Local Organization of Democratic Participation of Youth", which is part of the EU co-funded project. Erasmus + for Youth / Basic Action (KA3):

"Structured Dialogue: Meetings between young people and those responsible for decision-making in the youth field",

with the aim of bringing together young people with the elected and official agents in the Municipality of Aigialeia and the Region of Western Greece,


where they will discuss issues that concern today's youth and hamper their lives with the expectation of finding appropriate activities and solutions that will reverse the negative climate for youth in the region and encourage young people to participate actively in local democratic societies.

Already in the building of the CULTURAL SOCIETY LONGOS has been such meetings and discussions, in the effort of the new participants of the project to draw up as much as possible, a standard manual for local self-governments by listing all proposals for actions in the field of youth that are considered feasible in their implementation by both the Municipality and the elected Region.

In the near future, it is planned to organize an informative workshop to present the results of the youth project to the general public.


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