Sunday, August 19, 2018 - 11.00 a.m. - street theatre - "Colours of another epoch"


On Sunday, August 19, at the village green of Longos and the arrounding alleys shined the

    "Colours of another epoch".

For the first time the life of our village of the old times was awaked by street theatre.




  "Colours of another epoch"


The chairman of the CULTURAL SOCIETY LONGOS, Mr Ierotheos Mourikis, opened the event and wellcomed the guests, explained this street theatre and expressed his thanks to the actors and especially Mrs Maria Dourou-Sollbach and Mr Werner Charilaos Sollbach, who organised thist first street theatre in Longos.

The street theatre wants to make alive an important part of the tradition traveling into the past of our village. The purpose of the theatre is to trace life in ancient times, to compare the older with modern lifestyles. It reveals the difficulties of the day to day life due to the lack of technology, the traditional professions that have been lost over time, but also the way of entertaining this era is vividly expressed. A nostalgia of those times, so that the old remember and the young learn. How was washing your hands, how was the laundry washed? The visitor watched more than 50 actors of the Longos-Theatre in various places, presenting the everyday life in their own unique way.


Have a look at some photos:

The chairman ended this first street theater of the CULTURAL SOCIETY LONGOS and expressed that all participants had offered amazing and he thanked them from the depth of his heart. It was a wonderful start - and the street theater will be even better next year. At the end, he wished everyone all the best, health and joy as they showed them this morning!

The children participated:

• Anastasios Angelis (Scallywag) • Dimitra Angeli (Rich girl) • Metaxia Galani (Daughter of the milkmaid) • Dimitris Kalamidas (Shoeshine boy) • Vasilis Kolokythas (Scallywag) • Alexios Bounas (Scallywag) • Evelina Bouna (Pupil) • Elisabeth Spirtou (Poor girl) • Konstantinos Spirtos (Scallywag) • Dionysios Tsimpidis (Pupil) • Viky Ferfeli (Pupil) • Mairi Ferfeli (Daughter of the rural constable)

and the adults:

• Katerina Athanasopoulou (Woman Ironing) • Maria Anastopoulou (Lady) • Vasiliki Antonopoulou (Midwife) • Dimitrios Giannopoulos (Cantata singer) • Adrianna Giannopulou (Lady) • Nikolaos Gerasidis (Backgammon player) • Dimitrios Diavatis (Cantata singer) • Eva Zoi (Lady on fundraising) • Theodoros Iliopoulos (Backgammon player), • Dimitrios Kalamidas (Tavelling seller) • Paraskevi Kalamida (Lady) • Anastasia Kalamida (Tavern woman) • Maria Kanagia (Teacher) • Penelope Kepenou (Pregnant woman) • Fotini Kloura (Housewife in puff pastry making) • Panagiotis Koukopoulos (Water seller) • Anastasia Kravariti (Lady on fundraising), • Alexia Kyritsi (Rich lady) • Antonios Kyritsis (Rich gentleman and teacher) • Andreas Mitropoulos (Backgammon player) • Aristotelis Mitropoulos (Fishmonger) • Dioni Benetatou-Katsanioti (Rich lady) • Katerina Moriati (Lady) • Apostolos Ntallas (Cantata singer) • Eleni Ntourou (Housewife baking bread) • Stella Ntourou (Housewife repairing socks) • Agatha Paisiou (Lady) • Konstantinos Papathanasopoulos (Sir), • Metaxia Papathanasopoulou (Milkmaid) • Anastasia Rodopoulou (Embroiderer) • Panagiotis Rodopoulos (Barber) • Werner Charilaos Sollbach (Travelling photographer) • Maria Dourou-Sollbach (Housewife at the laundry knocking and wine pressing) • Leonidas Sfikas (Postman) • Sofia Sotiropoulou (Housewife manufacturing Trachana) • Alexandra Tsamtsouri (Laundress) • Dionysios Tsimpidis (Sir) • Achilleas Ferfelis (Rural constable) • Theodoros Chrisanthopoulos (Backgammon player) • Fotini Chrisanthopoulou (Tailoring and embroidery)



Thanks to all the contributors and supporters, especially to the Parish of St. Demetrius and Pastor Tsoulka, who provided us with electrical power and Mrs. Athina Drena, who provided the room for the barber.

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