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Children's Theatre Longos
Ε.Κ.Α.Μ.Ε./Α.μ.Ε.Α. Association of Aigio

The Children's Theatre Longos, under the direction of Mrs. Maria Dourou-Sollbach, performed an arrangement of the plays "The Little Match Girl" by Hans Christian Andersen and Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol".

With respect and much love for their fellow human beings, the Children's Theatre Longos visited the facilities of the day care centre for disabled young people, bringing small presents and entertain the "children" of the facility with a small play.


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Opened hearts…


Published on December 22, 2019 by Proti Online:

... The day ended in the best possible way, as everyone was fortunate enough to welcome a great group of sensitive people who had been organising this visit for months and who had really coordinated their efforts and achieved a wonderful result: a theatre play (by the Children's Theatre Longos): "The Little Match Girl", gifts, sweets (donated by Mr. Dimitrios Georgios Kalamidas), group photos (donated by Mrs. Lena Dalla & Mr. Ioannis Georgoudakis), calendars (donated by Mr. Georgios Sollbach) and a financial support from all these people who should rightly be mentioned: Mrs. Kalliopi Papathanasiou, family Dimitrios Galani, family Panaghi Michalatos, family Vasilios Xydias, Mrs. Aleka Kiritsi & Mr. Antonis Kiritsis, Mrs. Maria Dourou-Sollbach & Mr. Werner Charilaos Sollbach, family Konstantinos Kolokythas, family Stavros Dimakopoulos, family Nikos Rapi, Mrs. Ada Iliopoulou and family Spyros Sakellaropoulos.

The little actors were Georgia Xydia, Marietta Michalatou, Metaxia Galani, Anna Liakopoulou, Eleni Rapi, Ioannis Sakellaropoulos, George Sakellaropoulos, Vassilios Kolokytas and Andreas Michalatos. ...

΄The people of Ε.Κ.Α.ΜΕ. say thank you, they feel small with so much sensitivity. But the promise to continue the difficult task can be the real reward. When people are given love that they do not "filter", but open their heart and simply accept it, it comes back in many ways and has power ... a lot of power. Let us open our hearts ...΄, is announced in the Centre's press release.


Before the performance the accompanying parents and friends had the opportunity to visit the facilities of the day care centre ...


The establishment of the Ε.Κ.Α.Μ.Ε./Α.μ.Ε.Α. Association in 1997 was the result of the activation of a group of parents of children with disabilities and their sensitized friends, who saw the lack - at local level - of a specialized body.

The purpose of the Association was to create a standard Training Center for people with intellectual disabilities. Thus, since November 1998, Ε.Κ.Α.Μ.Ε./Α.μ.Ε.Α. has started to function as a Day Care Center, which nowadays boys and girls over 18 years old come from the Municipality of Aigio and the wider area of Aigialia.


The goal of the Ε.Κ.Α.Μ.Ε./Α.μ.Ε.Α. is to train people with disabilities to develop all their skills and socialize while raising awareness of the community. This will help:

    • The expansion of the Centre's facilities. A plot has already been purchased and a building permit has been issued to build new larger and more complete facilities.
    • The creation of housing for assisted living on the above property.
    • A permanent exhibition of products created by people with disabilities.
    • The creation of specially equipped campsites for people with special needs in our region.
    • The purchase of a 30-seater coach with special equipment for the transport of people with mobility problems.



Video (00:24:08):
Information (in Greek) for parents and friends of the Children's Theatre Longos
by the responsible person Ε.Κ.Α.Μ.Ε. /Α.μ.Ε.Α.

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