Sunday, February 10, 2019 - noon
Breast cancer information event


Breast cancer information event

On 10 February, the CULTURAL SOCIETY LONGOS "LORD BYRON", in cooperation with the association ALMA ZOIS ACHAIA , organised an information event about the theme

       Breast cancer.

The event took place in the rooms of the Longos Cultural Centre.

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     • Mr. Giannis Chaveles, MD, cMS, PhD, breast surgeon - mastologist
     • Mrs. Klairi Tziomaki, MSc, social worker
     • Mrs Anna Gourzi, qualified voluntary


Achaea's «ΑΛΜΑ ΖΩΗΣ» association was founded in Patras in 2001 and was the first branch of the All-Greek Association of Women with Breast Cancer in Achaea. From 2011 it was transformed into the independent association with the name «ΑΛΜΑ ΖΩΗΣ» prefecture Achaea.

The purpose is organized self-help, psychosocial support and rehabilitation of women with breast cancer as well as their family members, a contribution to the demystification of cancer and the information of the female population for the prevention and timely diagnosis of the disease.

In a closed society in which breast cancer in many cases is a taboo and family secret, the union of women with Breast cancer «ΑΛΜΑ ΖΩΗΣ» tries to treat women with breast cancer to mobilize, to demand the support they need and to carry out regular check-ups.

Panhellenic union «ΑΛΜΑ ΖΩΗΣ», the association «ΑΛΜΑ ΖΩΗΣ» in Achaea and the association «ΑΛΜΑ ΖΩΗΣ» in Thessaloniki are the single actors in the anti-cancer campaign of Greece, where all members, volunteers and the board are women who are have suffered or are still suffering from breast cancer.

«ΑΛΜΑ ΖΩΗΣ» in Achaea is a non-profit association that receives financial support from its members' contributions, as well as from donations from organizations and companies, as well as those who recognize its work and efforts.


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