April 22, 2020


Letter of thanks

Patras, April 22, 2020

With this letter we would like to thank you for your kind donation of190 € with which we could buy meat for our growing children in the house of our organization in Temeni/Aigialeias. Every donation is a little treasure for us, which we handle with responsibility and respect.

"The smile of the child" is not directed at individuals, it does not belong to individuals. It is addressed to all children and belongs to all who share the same vision and values: care, dignity and equality for every child in our country.

"The smile of the child" also belongs to you, who are actively involved in the effort to ensure that every child has everything to which they are entitled.

Thanks to everyone, the "Smile of the Child" has been recognised in Greece and internationally from 1995 to the present day, and assists thousands of children every year.

Specialising in children as victims of violence, missing children, children with health problems, children living in poverty Every child is unique and the scientific team of our organization provides it with everything necessary to find immediate solutions in collaboration with all official organizations.

We thank you with all our heart for your participation and your trust!

""If we all unite, we will achieve everything"*

Yours sincerely,

Kostas Giannopoulos
Chairman of the Management Board

*From the diary of 10-year-old Andreas Giannopoulos, founder of the organization "The smile of the child"

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