Longos now covers an area of 280 hectares and according to a last count in 2011, has a population of 659 inhabitants and belongs from Januar 1, 2011 to the new founded County of Aigialeiou

The old picturesque neighbourhoods and the narrow alleyways enable the visitor to take a walk through fields of green filled with orange trees, lemon trees and olive groves. The main street " 22 August 1962" is dedicated to the memory of the villagers who, in their precious efforts and desire to see the street completed, unfortunately lost their lives during construction.

The old plane tree in the churchyard of Saint Dimitrius, which once carried the little churchbell of the old church, and the plane tree on the village green were planted by old-man Moro about four or five generations ago to provide shade for his courtyard. These enchanting plane trees, with their generous shade, are now at the centre of attraction for all who pass through the village of Longos.
The neo-classic buildings, the natural stone masonry, the yard gates covered with bougainvillea and yasmin in full bloom, the upkept wells and fountains, which in the past quenched the villagers´ thirst, the chapel of Saint Konstantine and Saint Helena, as well as the graveyard chapel of Saint George, the wonderful and impressive church of Saint Dimitrius, all stand as witness to and express the aesthetic sense of beauty which the progress loving inhabitants of Longos obviously possessed. Colours of the sky and the sea - definitely a source of inspiration for artists!

(last update: 5/2012)


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